Is ADHD your “dirty little secret?”

Stop hiding at “Get REAL,” the ADHD women’s weekend for women just like you!


addiva butterfly

ADHD for women can be tough

Whether you’re new to the ADHD game or were diagnosed years ago, the shame of your ADDiva deeds can cast a shadow over your life.

Some of us learn to hide, pretending to be “normal.”

But it’s exhausting, to keep up the facade day after day.

It’s time to take off your mask and let yourself emerge as the beautiful butterfly you truly are (as did our ADDiva friend in the photo).

I am so incredibly relieved to learn that my negatives are really my positives
and that I am not a bad person. Thank you!” – Harmony

Come to terms with your unique  ADHD brain

OK, some days you’d like to trade in your ADHD brain for a more linear variety.

But deep down, you know that your special blend of spontaneity, brilliant ideas and — SQUIRREL! — distractibility are what make you special. In a good way.

The Get REAL weekend is designed for women who are ready to explore ADHD with an eye toward embracing (and dare I say ‘loving’) yourself fully.


“Thanks for giving me those constant reminders on how to balance myself
so I can adjust to ways are good for me and my ADHD.”Kerri


Spend time with women who “get” you

So many of us feel alone, isolated and “separate” from others, especially other women.

But for two delicious days, you’ll be surrounded by women who won’t roll their eyes when you interrupt them in the middle of a sentence. They aren’t offended if you show up late or wear two different shoes.

They’re ADHD women – ADDivas, every one. And they are your new lifeline as you chart a new course for your life’s journey.

“I’m finally with my people! It’s been a long time coming
and it’s so nice to be accepted for who I am.” – Jacqueline (NC)


You're one of us! ADDivas Unite!


Create a new ADHD narrative for your life

As we sort through your own ADHD history and current reality, you can begin to rewrite your narrative to suit you today.

We’ll skip from hormones to medication, from careers to memory and suddenly, you’ll see a window to new possibilities. You may even look in the mirror to find a woman you thought was lost long ago: the Authentic You.

pad and pen notes

“You worked your magic again (Linda). You must really love us!” – Laurel (OH)

can't listen any more

What will I learn that I haven’t heard before?

One of my golden rules is to “have a beginner’s mind.” That means that even if you learned something two years ago, you’ve never heard it today, in this space, with these people. In other words, it’s always new. Always.

So allow yourself to listen with new ears, expect a different experience and drink in a deeper level of understanding.

The Weekend Agenda

  • Back to ADHD Basics
    • Meet the Neurons
    • Hormones and ADHD
    • ADHD Sidecars
    • Your history
  • • Organized ADHD
    • Clutter cleanup
    • Out of sight, out of mind
    • Labels and color
  • • Memory and ADHD
    • Short term vs Long term
    • Working memory
    • Moonwalking with Einstein
  • Time and ADHD
    • Time disorientation
    • “One more thing”
    • Procrastination & Distraction
  • Money and Career
    • Money management basics
    • Making a living/ creating a career
    • Working for yourself
  • • Relationships – family, friends, partner, children
    • Helping them help you
    • When they don’t understand
    • Communicating with the “enemy”
    • Parents and children; clash and commune
  • • Let’s Fix It
    • Treatment options and opportunities
    • Your ADHD team
    • Alternatives, therapy, coaching
  • The “New Me” Plan
    • Rewriting your ADHD story

“Every time I hear you I learn something new and useful” – Kathy (NC)

But I don’t have time; can’t you just put it online?

There is nothing —  I repeat,  NOTHING — that matches the experience of being in the room with other ADDivas.

Some of my most memorable moments have been spent looking in to the eyes of ADHD women who finally realize “it’s OK to be me just as I am.”

Plus, we get, um, distracted and bored during online training. Not at GardenSpirit Guesthouse – there is always something to pique your interest.

bored with online classes


We want you to be here:


We meet at GardenSpirit Guesthouse

It’s like walking into a hug!” Susan, TN

A 10-acre retreat space

GardenSpirit was designed as a women’s retreat center with four bedrooms, three meeting spaces, a purple dining room and more than 10 acres of meditation paths, a labyrinth and purple treehouse.

All the rooms are soft, comfortable and welcoming, the perfect place for you to “come back to yourself” and soothe your ADDiva soul.

The sunroom

GardenSpirit in spring

gardenspirit in spring

The living room

The back deck

The Purple Dining room

Eating. Sleeping. Getting Around.

(and other mundane but necessary details)

Rest your head at night…

At this price point, accommodations and travel are NOT included for this weekend, but there are several hotels within a 10-minute drive of GardenSpirit (we will provide the list after you register).

Yes, four lucky women can stay at GardenSpirit for a modest extra charge (in line with local hotels). Only four bedrooms – all king size beds. First come, first served of course (and you get your choice of bedrooms when you sign up early). Contact Janine for more info about the rooms.

Getting around: You can rent a car at the airport or use Uber or Lyft, both of which have a strong presence in the Triangle.

sleep image cropped

Food, glorious food

You’ll be responsible for your own meals during the weekend, but we’ll go out for lunch both days (and perhaps even stick together for dinner on Saturday night, if we’re not too tired).

Plus we’ll provide abundant snacks and drinks during the day, so you won’t go hungry. Ever.

OK, I’m sold! What next?

(start by registering and getting your Welcome Package)


Wait! How much does it cost?

Fortunately for you, I have drastically cut the price of an ADDiva weekend from $597 to $397 this year (because this is a brand new weekend format).

So you can attend the Get REAL! weekend at the bargain price of just $397.

(No matter how much I cut costs and prices, I still hear the screams:”I can’t afford it!”  “That’s too much money!”  “Do you have a scholarship?”

The answer is that you can’t afford NOT to come to this weekend.

How much does your ADHD cost you? More than $397, I’ll wager.

Besides, where will you be a year from now without the support of a professional ADHD coach and the other ADDivas women who show up to support you during this weekend?). And no, there are no scholarships.

The real question is: are you worth it?
Wait – I know the answer to that one…do you?)

Woman holding an empty wallet

“Best money I ever spent on myself!” – Mary (TX)

It won't be the same without YOU!

goodbye hugs


Still undecided? Let me give you a call - click here to access my calendar!
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